The Sidejack Baritone merges the cool retro looks of Mosrite most popularly used by the Ramones and the Ventures, with a sweet baritone scale length for tuning a bunch lower.  

My pal Artie bought this guitar. I actually borrowed it before he got it modded and setup by Zack at Electric Standard) here in Toronto. It was completely stock, it sounded super flat, was stupid noisy, and played like crap, so I gave it back immediately.  

Thankfully this guitar isn’t too expensive (Even with the Canadian Dollar being THE WORST) so putting an additional $300.00 into it to make it SUPER CRUSHING is somewhat of worthwhile endeavour.  

Besides all the whack “Grandma Gold” hardware being switched out to chrome, the really important stuff is the Dimarzio Virtual P90 humbucker in the bridge, CTS pots, Mallory 0.047 capacitor Mallory 0.047 capacitor, Sperzle locking tuners, Gotoh bridge and a bone nut. All that coupled with a slick setup in G Standard and suddenly I love this guitar.  

The scale length on the newer Sidejack Baritones is only 27.5” (they used to be 28" and still advertise as such..). I definitely find the tuning above the 12th fret slightly unstable in G standard. But, depending on how you play / write / compose, you might be able to make it work.  

So, if you are like me and work 3 jobs, have no interest in anything more than 6 strings, and wanna tune super low but be decently in tune with out selling your soul, this could be a cool project guitar for ya.  

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