The most unlikely guitar to become popular in heavy music has become popular in heavy music. The Jazzmaster Baritone is a 30” scale baritone that ships tuned to B standard but you can tune it A LOT lower.

The Duncan Designed Jazzmaster pickups retain some of that Jazzmaster character, which makes for a very articulate higher gain sound. The quality of this instrument at the $400.00 price tag is surprisingly great.  

What’s Good 
+ Intonates very easily below B all the way down to low E. 
+ Nice pick attack and note definition (pickups and tension). 
+ Very comfortable “short” feel even at 30”.  
+ Use as baritone, Bass VI, or bass. 
+ Very decent build  
+ Great price. ($400.00 USD)  

What’s not so Good 
- Extreme noise (unless middle position). 
- VERY Awkward intonation adjustment. 
- Low gain tone not as sweet as a true fender Jazzmaster. 
- Shape / style not for everyone. 
- Neck profile feels closer to a bass than a guitar. 

Most Special Feature 
+ Use as a Baritone, Bass VI or Bass  

Who might dig it 
People who want to go super low with a 6 string on a budget. 
People looking for a guitar that supports a range of lowwww tunings.  

The Bunn  

Squire Guitars • Jazzmaster Baritone

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