There have been a bunch of requests for short baritones. Ibanez RGD, Reverend Decent, Jericho, ESP etc.. This one is kind of special. It’s a secret badass shorty.  

A few quick points: 

- An Indonesian made RG in 2016 exclusively sold by Shimamura Gakki in Japan.  
- 26.5” scale baritone 
- Ships tuned to Drop C but performs very well as low as B Standard. 

What's Special 
- Gotoh locking machines stock 
- Stock Ibanez “Quantum” PUPs sound sick 
- Thick Wenge fret board 
- Reverse headstock - super cool 
- On this particular model, the fit and finish is SUPERB. On par with a Prestige RG. 

Closing Thoughts 
- Trying it for A standard - not as stable as a 27” + 
- Having played longer baritones for so long now, I find this a little too wonky in the tuning.  
- Love the tone, probably wouldn’t change the PUPs (I always change PUPs) 
- I don’t know what to think about the finish. No inlays is def rad but a bound body without a bound neck is weird and the body binding is pearloid… Still not sure. 
- Perfect for people tuning to C and B  
- Classic Ibanez playability, very shred worthy 
- This guitar is super sick stock.  

At the Ened of the Day 
If you can find one, they are selling for about $800 to $1100.00 USD 
If you only tune as low as B or maybe Drop A and love the Ibanez feel / look, you’ll probably love this guitar. 

Check it out at • Shimamura Gakki

The full track that was used as the clip example is "Spotlight" by Venns and can be streamed in full below.


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