Instead of another, "same-ol" guitar demo, we are gonna use this here Danelectro Semi-hollow Vintage Baritone to write, record, and release a swampy, sludge track. 

Here's how we're gonna do it
• We’ll write 3 parts + transitions and arrange it. 
• We’ll record, mix and master in the Reaper DAW.  
• We’ll share it with the world via Distrokid to Spotify, Apple, Google +++. 

A HUGE thanks to the rad folks at Distrokid who are sponsoring this video & blog, helping to make this whole thing possible. I’ve been using Distrokid since 2016 to distribute all of my Foreigns material. DistroKid makes it easy, affordable and fast to distribute your music to Spotify, Apple, Google and all of that. 

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In the last Dano demo (the Danelectro 56 Baritone), we touched on how the qualities of the Dano sound were favourable for that sludgy, stoner, doom type tone. Additionally, folks seemed to enjoy the 5 second example clip, wondering where the rest of the track was... That’s all there ever was.. Sooooo, today we are gonna make a WHOLE TRACK in that style. With this model being a "semi hollow" (the 56 bari was also hollow, just no "F" hole), it has a slightly different tone, although it shares many similar qualities with the 56, but also the same challenges.  

The plan
• Know the sound you are going for / Pick a style / key / scale system / tempo 
• Today we are going for - Swampy Stoner Metal / G minor blues / 220bpm 
• Come up with an arrangement idea (can come from the riffs that you end up with) 
• We are gonna go with - Intro / outro bookends, a 2 phrase main theme, and a transition phrase 
• Riff dump - put down as many ideas as you can muster to a click - pick 3 or for of the best ones

A few parts and transitions
• Pick your riffs 
• Figure what riffs offer more opportunity
• Make sure they loop and flow 

Build with blocks and use it like Lego
• Put basic bass and drums to these parts 
• Lego - These blocks should fit together, in almost any configuration 
• Chop em up, add new bits to existing block and more blocks that are an evolution of the existing blocks as needed 

Finalize and mix
• Re-record ALL THE GUITARS AND BASS once you have the final drums. 
• Mix throughout this process 
• Bounce / render to a high res 24bit stereo wav file 

Master and prep for distribution
• Open a new session for mastering 
• Prepare from your 24bit bounce file, a 16Bit, 44.1Khz, stereo, WAV file for final release and distribution 
• Spice up the final track with some crushing limiters, saucy saturation and spicy EQs
• Get your cover art together. If you suck at graphics, you should probably find a graphic designer

Release it
Upload to Distrokid to release on (almost) every platform that exists 

If you don’t know Distrokid, they launched in 2013. They are an independent digital music distribution service. For a very small, yearly fee, they get your music up to the major online vendors and streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and allllll the rest of them. And they do this without taking a % or cut from any of your sales / streams.  

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