100% Free Baritone Info Resources

Over the the last bunch of years The Bunn has gathered quite a bit of info surrounding Baritones, Bass VIs and all that comes with the super-low.

Over the last 5 or so years things have really developed with a lot more options for everything; guitars, basses, scale lengths, strings, custom options and more.

Things lagging behind are left handed models and base models (and bass models, but that's another article). Many players are left scratching their heads when a company offers their only baritone in a short scale length, with a 90s L.A. session finish, and some weird proprietary pickup config. Start with a black, white or natural 28" to 30" scale base model and load it with at least a humbucker in the bridge position. Add trems, exotic pup configs and crazy finishes after establishing a base model. Last thing that is massively lacking is a range of scale lengths. Why isn't every bari available in 27.5", 28.625" and 30"? 

It's obvious that the companies building the stuff are generally not the people who use the stuff... That said, we are thankful for what we can get.   

The Bunn has shared 4 pages of different resources relating to baritones

• An index of all known production baritones over 27.5" in scale
• An index of all know baritone conversion neck offerings over 27.5" in scale
• A string tension relative to scale and tuning index 
• A string supplier index

NONE of these are affiliate links. It is for no other reason than to help other baritone players navigate the bari-world. 

This is a quick reference index for current, production, 6 string, Baritone Guitars and Bass VIs. The index covers scale lengths from 27.5" to 30" in length.  
This index does not include semi-custom, custom, or pre-order brands.  
(LH) refers to left handed available. "Recommended" refers to lowest tunings in which the instrument still works decently. Go lower if you want to, if you are happy with the results, then all is rad! 
There are still more models to add, we are constantly discovering new options. 

Check it out: https://thebunn.ca/production-baritones-27-5-longer 

This index seeks to make conversion neck hunting faster. The current list includes the most reputable brands and builders. At the moment, if you are looking at options that are not on the list, do your research. 

Check it out: https://thebunn.ca/baritone-conversion-necks-kits 

This index is for players interested in maintaining as much tone, tuning accuracy and feel in their down tuning as possible. There will always be some compromise, but this should get you started. 
Scaling down the feel and performance of a 25.5" scale guitar, tuned to E2 Standard, strung with medium gauge strings. The goal is to maintain a 17-ish to 19-ish lbs of average tension for each tuning, by incrementally increasing scale and gauge as the pitch lowers across the gradient of available scale lengths.  
Of course, you should experiment. If you love "rubber bands" or "tower cables" for strings, do what you love.  

Check it out: https://thebunn.ca/scale-tuning-tension-index 

There are tons of string options made EXACTLY for what you need. The index includes all known Baritone, Bass VI & EXT Bass string makers, from around the world. 

Check it out: https://thebunn.ca/baritone-bass-vi-ext-bass-strings

Hope that helps!
The Bunn