"BOOMER" produces sludge metal alone 

"BOOMER" is in quotes for a reason. The Bunn is Gen-X to be specific. The "boomer" term has been used to describe me and many others, even younger than Bunn.

These are some of the stigmas mature folks endure. That their "sails have set", that they are incapable of contributing creatively to the fabric of modern culture. That they "don't get how it's done these days". Problem is... we don't have time for any of that.  

The immediate goal is to release a 5 song Wetlands EP to all the big streams by January 21st, 2022. That’s the official 50th birthday! 

Why 5 songs? It’s enough for a decent listen and showcases what the project is about. We’re giving ourselves 4 weeks to get this done and out. We have 5 tunes written, the last of those was just finished, - “Imperial”  

This is the first tune composed using the OEC writing system. The demo was posted to the Bunn Bandcamp today if you are curious.  

"Imperial"  demo single: https://thebunn.bandcamp.com/album/imperial-single-demo  
Cover by Artie: https://www.selfinflatable.net/

The tunes for this EP will be: 
 “Wetlands”, “Thinktank”, “Bouquet”, “Decorated” and “Imperial” ("Wetlands" will be changed to "Foreigns" for a little "egg hunt" fun).

“Wetlands” is a tune from a tutorial video from 2 years ago, released as a Foreigns track. It doesn’t sound anything like Foreigns, and thus inspired this whole new project. That needs to be reworked and brought into alignment with where Wetlands is at now. 

We’ll have to re-work and refine all the songs as a batch to make it all cohesive. We’ll re-track everything, followed by Mixing and mastering 

Artwork - not sure what to do there… Bunn is officially a designer, but the Wetlands covers have always been done by Artie at SelfInflatable. The Wetlands art direction was established by Artie - so we'll have to see if he's keen to keep that party pumping. 

To publish the EP to all the big streams we’ll be using DistroKid: Get 7% off your own release for the first YEAR on Spotify, Apple Music YouTube Music and all the rest • https://bit.ly/bunn-distro 

It'd be rad to do some kind of music video for it, even a playthrough.. For now, let’s just get the music out and worry about videos later, cause there is only have 3 weeks to finish and publish 5 tunes 

Final recordings are meticulous, good results can escalate into the thousands of takes on a 5 song project where you are the only player. Then there is mixing and mastering… that can take forever too 

It could fail, if it does fail, we’ll have to deal with it. If we succeed, we’ll keep building. 

Let’s get these tracks done and up to Spotify before worrying about the next step. 

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Bunn & Co.

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