Bumps, Curves & Splits in the Road

Life is always happening. Sometimes it requires more from us than we are ready for. 

Over the last while, my mom has endured some immense change. In her day to day activities, her living situation and her health. 

For the longest time she and I have lived in the same city and helping her was pretty easy. Not only did she require little help, but we were geographically close, hence it was not as much of a disruption to lend a hand whenever needed. 

In July, her personal situation was turned upside down and over the course of August and September I helped her shed 40 years of belongings, pack, and move 7 hours away. She is now super close to my brother and his family which is rad, but she needs a lot more care and my brother and his family will be out of town for a bit. So, The Bunn has flown in to hang out with the Mom and make sure she’s getting what she needs. 

Ultimately this means that videos are still in a kind of limbo. I am squeezing them in, but it’s up in the air as to how much and how often. This has been somewhat the case ever since my covid setback in July. So, I’m kind of used to that for the moment. Hopefully everything will stabilize over the next few months. Fingers crossed.

On the plus side, I’m staying at my brother’s and he has a studio. I can still pick away at tunes and because my brother has a standard E1 tuned bass, I can very easily work on WTLNDS stuff. Foreigns and Venns require baritone guitars and long scale basses. So in the spirit of following the path of least resistance, WTLNDS it is.

Additionally, I’m gonna take this opportunity to start blogging (which is what this is). The goal for the blog is to reflect more of the personal journey as an artist. As opposed to just outlining highlights.

The reasoning is 2 fold, on the personal side - it’d be nice to keep track of how life unfolds. The past few years have been a blur and I can’t actually  recall very much. On the public side - I think there is value in “seeing behind the curtain”. We often think that folks (like The Bunn) who are sharing all these videos and music are in some way elevated. That they have more money or possess some special talents, or have more time or all these “industry connections”. Sometimes there may be an actual shred of truth to some of that, but most often it’s just sacrifice, grit, grind and the juggling of life. None of that is “glamorous” or “cool” but I think it’s the stuff I would have liked to have more insight into when I was first embarking on any branch of all of this music career stuff. I definitely thought a lot of the folks that I looked up to had some sort of leg up and I rarely, if never considered the regular life stuff that they were juggling to do it all. 

So to summarize: I’m 7 hours from home right now, helping my mom for a bit, but I’m still able to pick away at music. I’m not really able to make videos this second, but I’m still scripting and tackling a bunch of the much neglected admin. On top of it all I’ve started blogging what this whole journey is actually like (which I should have been doing all along). As well, I’ve started back on Twitter, so if you like hanging out there, we can connect at @TheBunnCa / https://twitter.com/TheBunnCa

How do you view other music and creative folks? Do you have a hard time seeing how it's possible to participate? That you need a "leg-up"? I thought that way forever (and sometimes still do).


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