Wall of Bass Split release from WTLNDS & MONOVOTH 

The Bunn has teamed up with Lucas Wyssbrod in a personal challenge to minimize the creative pallet and compose with high gain, fuzzy basses and NO GUITARS. 

Each of us explored what was possible in creativity and texture, using only 4 string basses in place of all guitars. The goal was to write, compose and produce a piece of music this way. This is a split release, and not a collaboration, with a track by Monovoth titled "Lock" and a piece titled "Orbiter by WTLNDS. 

From the creator perspective, the results have been VERY inspiring. So much so, that we may continue the process with select tracks pushing forward, independently. 

These are produced demos. As with all Bunn projects, this track will most likely end up in an EP or LP, that will be released under the project name some time over the next year. 

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