Are you STUCK in the GEAR TRAP? • SWTB006 

Putting your time into dreaming about more gear is time you could spend learning and experimenting with the things that you DO have, things that can make a bigger difference.

The longer you wait, the longer you will wait, and the bigger the regret. You will get to the gear you want faster by knocking out a heap of music and connecting with people through your music. 

Yes, this channel talks a lot about gear, however the point is to help you solve gear problems more quickly, so that you can focus on making music. This channel is not about endlessly buying gear.  

The bare minimum 5 things that we need for the pursuit of music creation is - a guitar, interface, computer, software, headphones / monitors. If you want an example of a bare minimum rig, we can do an episode on that.  

We live in an amazing time! Very little is required to get a satisfiable guitar sounds and make a great recording. A guitar, laptop (pretty old ones even..) and some VSTs can get you REALLY far. The biggest things that contribute to a quality output is knowing what you are doing, and being super creative. That just takes showing up every day. Which in itself is the hardest thing to do.  

All that said, I encounter an alarming number of folks who are stuck on “needing” better or more gear just to get started. They are doing nothing but surfing the internet dreaming about how “If I only had that XYZ Corporation guitar or magic box, THEN I can START making music”.    

So that leads to the questions we need to ask before we think that we need more or better gear: 

Do we actually have a problem, and what kind of problem is it?  

Identify Problems - 3 Areas 
Technical problems - eg - Poor tuning / intonation for low tuning - maybe baritone. 

Pallet problems - eg - You are attempting to make really heavy music and only have clean or rock amp tones.  

Workflow problems - eg - you are spending a huge amount of time everyday to set up, tweak or work around. 

What is the return on investment? (ROI) 
Creativity return 
Does the cost and effort for this new thing actually contribute to better music making and higher creativity? How much? 

Productivity return 
Does it contribute to more music completion and output, more frequently? 

Monetary return  
If you are making music for a living (or at least seek to do so) does the thing you think you need contribute to revenue?  

I hope you are making rather than waiting.  

Grab what you DO have and start now.

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