Sludge Fashions | The Story, The Legend

Fresh to the Bunn Threadless Shop • CRUSHING Sludge Fashions!! 

Received some CRAZY new merch samples. Print-all-over designs in the forms of tees, backpacks and shoes.

There are 2 designs - a “Years of Strings” design, actually composed of 3 years of strings (bass and bass-side strings) used in all of Bunn's recordings. And then a “Coiled.Cable.Worship” design composed of the coiled, vintage cable that Bunn adores and plugs into every day.

"Strings" design is available in the backpack and a tee, while the "Coiled Cable" is available in shoes and a tee. 

Of course there are rumblings in the audience requesting the cable in a backpack and the strings in the shoes.. We can probably make that happen, but that'll be a few months. 

Full photoshoot on the horizon. Thanks to all the early adopters! Super stoked that you are super stoked!

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