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PODCAST audio interview  | July 2023 

The Bunn and David Norman (of Zegema Beach Records) hangout and go deep into early bands, mirror movement, real Screamo and destroying voices. 

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Brand Outlaw 

PODCAST VIdEo interview | May 2023 

Last year, we talked to Toronto sludge metal musician The Bunn. He had just launched an ambitious project to build a music career in a niche genre starting at age 50. A year later, we check in to see how the project is going, his wins and setbacks, and what the future holds. We discuss how art and business don't have to be incompatible, serving your niche, and defining The Bunn brand. And as a piece of bonus content, we end with one of his songs - "Decorated" from WTLNDS. 

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the home recording show 

podcast VIDEO interview | oct 2022  

Jon talks dives into the world of baritone guitars with a lot of help from scott "the bunn". find scott on his channel @thebunn we talk about everything from, what is a baritone, tuning, setup, upgrades and more. 

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Heitstrengning Music  

VIDEO interview | Aug 2022 

Calling The Maestro for Advice - Stream Theory Ep. 2  
Scott “The Bunn” Sokoloski is a great guy and he makes fantastic videos. If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be doing these videos or plotting to put my music out there, possibly leaving a permanent trace in our universe one day.  

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