BUNNSONICS IR Guitar & Bass Cab Pack
  • BUNNSONICS IR Guitar & Bass Cab Pack

BUNNSONICS IR Guitar & Bass Cab Pack

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BUNNSONICS IR Guitar & Bass Cab Pack

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9 Guitar & 3 Bass Cab captures designed for clarity and punch in low tunings.

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Software Requirements: Reaper V6+ for both Mac & Windows & Toontrack EZ Drummer II 
http://reaper.fm/ | https://www.toontrack.com/

NOTE 1: Raw MIDI can be used with all DAWs and all ToonTrack Drum software. 

NOTE 2: Should work with older versions of Reaper but has not been tested. 

Reaper Session Compatibility: Reaper V6+ for both Mac & Windows 

MIDI & Toontrack Presets Compatible with: All DAWs that support the use of Toontrack virtual drums. 

About the Beats: These beats were created specifically for Foreigns. However, with the ability to use the MIDI blocks in a somewhat interchangeable fashion, seeing as the amount of rhythmic diversity in this type of music is somewhat narrow. You should be able to move the blocks around to create many new compositions for your own music. 

Toontrack Kit Compatibility: While these beats were designed attempting to ensure the greatest compatibility with other Toontrack kits, some beats may still have to be modified to work with other kits as not every kit in the ToonTrack lineup has been tested. There is only 1 preset available for the DFH kit (which IS the Foreigns kit). This preset is designed as starting places, but may suffice for end use by novice users. 

Preset Index: 

Flat & neutral preset for the “Drumkit From Hell” expansion kit. 
Drumkit From Hell EZX expansion pack needed. 

Loading the Session & Presets: 
Step 1 - In the Foreigns-MIDI-2022 folder click ForeignsFULLDRUMS.RPP or ForeignsLOOPS.RPP files to launch the Reaper sessions. 

Step 2 - Click the EZdrummer button at the top of the FX rack in the Reaper mixer. 

Step 3 - Click “MENU” in the top-right corner of the EZ Drummer window. 

Step 4 - Click “Load Project”. 

Step 5 - Navigate to the “Foreigns-MIDI-2022 folder” folder and select FRNS-DFH.ezdp (You must have the DFH kit installed). 

Step 6 - Arrange the MIDI blocks in the "FRNS-Loops" session and adjust the reaper mixer to your personal taste. Or Play foreigns riffs along with the "ForeignsFULLDRUMS" session 

Step 7 - Record your riffs to the drums! 

Using Only the MIDI: 

Step 1 - Open your DAW and launch your preferred ToonTrack kit. 

Step 2 - Drag MIDI from “FRNS-Loops” folder onto your MIDI track 

Step 3 - Arrange the MIDI blocks to your personal taste. 

Step 4 - Record riffs to the drums and rock out! 

- Scott Bunn