Scott “The Bunn” Sokoloski is the 50+ year old, baritone, post-sludge  guy on the internet. A full-stack creative leveraging congenital mirror movement disorder, ASD, and age as creative assets. 

The mission is to isolate and iterate on the foundational concepts that have driven hardcore, sludge, doom, stoner and grind from the perspective of design.

“The Bunn” is the writer, composer, producer, recorder, mixer, designer, videographer, photographer administrator, and publisher. An artist obsessed with music BECAUSE it touches every medium.


General Messages: 
I'd love to hear from you. Just keep in mind that I am only one person and receive a lot of messages on all platforms. The good news is that I prioritize email and typically respond on Wednesdays and  Sundays.

Sponsors, advertisers, and review requests are welcome, just send a detailed message. 

Product Demos:
For gear reviews & demos, I'm open to it. The only thing that I don't cover are custom instruments.