Scott “The Bunn” Sokoloski is a 50+, full-stack creative leveraging congenital mirror movement disorder as a creative asset to craft and publish a roster of heavy projects that effectively manage to avert residence in the world of metal.

From the 90s skramz interpreted grind of Venns, and the instrumental, 70s jazz rock/fusion influenced post hardcore of Foreigns, to the choppy, instrumental post sludge-rock of WTLNDS. Sokoloski is building a world of heavy riffs in the liminal space between punk and metal.

A heavy music designer intentionally deviating from traditional metal aesthetics. The mission is to deconstruct fringe, heavy music genres such as hardcore, sludge, doom, stoner, and grind, uncovering new intersections to explore emergent musical architectures.

“The Bunn” is the writer, composer, producer, recorder, mixer, designer, videographer, photographer administrator, and publisher. An artist obsessed with music, specifically because it touches every other medium.


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