Foreigns “Spiritual” - The Fourth of Five


Happy Bandcamp Friday! We've got a new Foreigns single titled "Spiritual" to celebrate. What is it all about and what is happening with the Foreigns EP? 

“Spiritual” digs deeper into atmosphere and vibe, relying less on riffs, while still maintaining signature Foreigns melody and movement. With this track, the production and writing for Foreigns continues to burrow deeper into a more organic, “analog-like” vibe, despite being composed, performed and produced by only one person using digital tools. 

The track mixes feels from 90s post-hardcore established by the likes of Four Hundred Years and Engine Down with more current post-sludge / post-metal aesthetics explored by outfits like Kowloon Walled City and Town Portal

“Spiritual” was composed through observations of the dynamic between “elites” and society. The neverending attempt to convert populations into model consumers, servants and soldiers. A infinitely looping, broken record of conflict for the short term gains of a few. 

This latest track drives Foreigns even further into the territory of "heavy" music that isn't metal. It's a panorama of a collage-esqe composition, stirring with melody rough in texture, and without human voices to dilute the performance.  

Sample “Spiritual” and more with your very own earholes by visiting The Bunn’s Bandcamp profile. 

This is piece #4 [of 5] in the evolution of the 2023 Foreigns EP. The track goes public tomorrow for the first Bandcamp Friday of 2023. 

All Foreigns tracks are written and released as demos, 1 at a time, on Bunn's personal Bandcamp page. 

It is only once there is some sort of "collection of tunes" that the material is reworked into an official, Maxi,  EP or LP. 

Some of the material changes a lot by the time it is reworked, other pieces remain quite close to the originals. 

The Bunn & Co. 


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