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Baritone Obsessed

2022 MERCH • NEW VENNS & WTLNDS | Design Sucks

"It was obvious that designing for the designer wasn’t a great idea. Most folks are just not interested in design. Especially the crowd that enjoys slightly more aggro music. It doesn’t matter if the music is a bit artsy..."

WTLNDS • Floral | rad sludge accidents

WTLNDS, in a way, should not be. It was a project that was an “accident”. Initially composed purely for demonstration, published as a tutorial, and titled under an unrelated artist name.

New Music • Venns "foul" Demo

Friday September 3rd was another legendary Bandcamp Friday. Since Bandcamp Friday's inception, The Bunn has been trying to commit to as many as possible. At least one track per month.

100% Free Baritone Info Resources

Over the the last bunch of years The Bunn has gathered quite a bit of info surrounding Baritones, Bass VIs and all that comes with the super-low.


Today we are talking about 6 tips and tricks to save you from some frustration so that you can spend more time playing, writing and recording. Some of this is specific to baritone, some is good for any guitar.


The RGIB21 Baritone by Ibanez, it is the successor to the RGIB6 and is kiiiind of similar. Another 28” scale-length RG with EMGs.