Foreigns Releases New Track "Ceremony" Ahead of 2023 EP

Foreigns has shared a demo of its final contribution to the pool of material that will make up the 2023, 5 song Foreigns EP. 

The track, titled "Ceremony", was released on Friday, April 7th, on Bandcamp as part of the monthly Bandcamp Friday event.

"Ceremony" delves into the emotional phases of life, moving through themes of normalcy, invasion, and occupation. From the midpoint out to the end of the track, "Ceremony" returns to a slower, sludgier delivery established on the Metropolitan EP.

The completion of "Ceremony" moves Foreigns into the final production phase of the EP, where the five pieces – "Cornucopia", "Harvest", "Transplant", "Spiritual", and "Ceremony" – will be picked over and reworked for a cohesive EP experience.

As of now, the working title of this EP is "Influence". That may or may not make it to the finish line. We'll see.

For those new or unfamiliar with the Bunn release schedule, all material is first written and released in demo format, one at a time, on the Bunn's personal Bandcamp page. It is only once there is a "collection of songs" that the material is reworked into an official EP or LP.

If you would like to follow that journey more closely, you'll find it on the Bunn's Bandcamp page.

For the earliest possible access to demos, Helix tones, drum midi, and more, one can join the Bunn Patreon.

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