Stuff That Makes Your Hair Stand Up And Gut Tighten

This past winter, The Bunn spent the entire month of February, 100 kilometers Northwest of Vancouver. 

The purpose of the endeavour was to hide away from the world, live in nature, and kickstart the writing for the next WTLNDS release.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pacific Northwest, especially the rural stretches (most of it is rural), it’s a landscape of snow covered mountain ranges, lakes, rivers and the ocean, and 500 (or more) year old redwoods 50 meters tall (or more). It’s absolutely beautiful, but when night falls, it can get weird. Even creepy.

One thing that was not anticipated was the experience of strange light effects in areas where there shouldn’t be any, behaving in atypical ways compared to things like cars, boats, planes, helicopters and drones. Head scratchers that don’t make sense, even through binoculars. Stuff that makes your hair stand up and gut tighten. According to the locals, it’s common..  

The daily contrast experienced between extreme beauty and bizarre unease made for some interesting musical output. This demo, tentatively titled “Anomalous” consists of some of the very first ideas recorded on the Coast, embodying that dichotomy of simultaneous comfort and foreboding with its satisfying grooves and jagged unfolding.

One thing that is certain is that there's lots work with to experiment further as things move closer to a complete release.

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