There’s been quite a few comments asking about the PRS SE277 series. The Semi Hollow model is the one I’m the interested in, so that’s what we’re looking at.  

I’ve had the SE Mushok model since 2011 which is where the 277s got their start. While they are massively similar, the 277 series brings the OG PRS flavour around full swing to the 277s. 

What’s Good 
+ Usable without upgrades 
+ Unique Tone 
+ Very comfortable (does not feel cheap or super long) 
+ Quality fit and finish  

What’s not so Good 
- P90s are NOISEY  
- Decorative finishing - ornate inlays & flame top, Very 90s  

Most Special Feature 
+ Usable without upgrades  

Who might dig it 
Would be pretty great for post metal, post hardcore, sludge and doom.  
Well made, easy to tune lower than B, very comfortable reach  

The Bunn  

• PRS Guitars "SE 277 Baritone"