COUNTRY or CRUSHING? The 29.75" Gretsch • BO/014 

Is the Gretsch Electromatic Jet Baritone any good for heavy music? With looks straight from out of Nashville, most would never even consider playing this guitar with any amount of gain.  

Ever since I stared playing and loving Danelectros, I started paying way more attention to guitars considered “country” or “surf”. Guitars that metal people would never even look at, let alone play.  

Not surprising, there are more than a few great options with unique tone and features. Not to mention some of my favourite guitars to date.  


•  Thick and lively tone. Plenty of cut. Low noise. 

•  Super satin neck. Very comfortable and smooth playing.  

• 29.75” scale tunes to G or F without effort and maintains great intonation. 

•  29.75” scale allows for light strings in G and F (lighter than .072). .064 for G and .068 for F. 

•  Medium-low output pickups offer great dynamics and are awesome stock. Will not be changing them.  

•  Gretsch strap buttons are the typical nice touch that Gretsch is known for.  


• 29.75” can be felt on this guitar. It is a long reach. Contributing factors are the Term does not allow the bridge to be set any further back. 

• Cutaway and heal are such that super fret access is awkward. Although I like the look of how things are and would not want to see a larger cutaway. I would like a contoured, possibly slimmer heel. 

• Break angle over the bridge is steep. Strings can bind and go flat with them use. Have known others to solve this with a roller bridge. 
• Sparkle finish is funny. But at least it’s a black sparkle.  


1. People tuning to G and F who want better tension with lighter strings.  

2. People who want to buy a guitar and immediately start using it. No pickup swaps needed for a killer tone.  

3. Accommodates a wide range of baritone tunings from B all the way down to F. The 29.75 scale length can accommodate all of it with little setup.  

4. People getting into super low baritones and want to ease in with a friendly price 

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TimberTimbre video with Gretsch as bass: 


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