The RGIB21 Baritone by Ibanez, it is the successor to the RGIB6 and is kiiiind of similar. Another 28” scale-length RG with EMGs.

The Playthrough

Signal Chain: 
• EMG 81 bridge pickup
• PreSonus AudioBox22VSL interface 
• Reaper DAW 
• Neural DSP Fortin NTS (w/ Zuul gate & Hexdrive) 
• TwoNotes Wall Of Sound III w/ Mesa OS Recto 2x12" horiz & 57 (left) 
• TwoNotes Wall Of Sound III w/ Mesa RDKNG 2x12" horiz & R22 (right)

Note: The EMGs made for a challenge to dial in a bright, rich tone. They do not seem to be a favourable choice for low tuning.

What’s different? 
The woods - 3pc Maple/Purpleheart neck with a Jatoba fretboard and a Nyatoh body. In the hardware department, we’ve Gotoh Locking tuners, Luminlay side dots, the addition of face dots, and the removal of the kill switch. 

Still that same classic, super clean RG look. 

What’s special about it? 
• Only Bari to accept both a guitar or bass ball-end on the lowest string.
• Only production 28” bari under $1k with luminlay side dots. 
• A widely available, low noise, 28” scale bari that can tune at least down to G. 

Anything to be concerned about? 
• Heavier than RGIB. 
• Even bigger neck than first gen IB6.  
• Still EMGs (switch brings you up to or past $1k). 

About the neck 
Measurements for comparison:  
RG6         Nut - 23.76mm    12th - 26.72mm 
RG21       Nut - 24.68mm    12th - 26.82mm 
SRC         Nut - 23.82mm    12th - 25.51mm 
RGR        Nut - 21.25mm     12th - 24.79mm 

Who is it for 
• Folks looking for a decently made, versatile baritone at a fair price.  
• People with bigger hands who like the feel of a thicker neck. 
• Players who enjoys the sensation and feel of a heavier guitar.

I’ve included a link from my friends at Reverb to help you find a seller in your area of the world. https://reverb.grsm.io/RGIB21


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