BARITONE STRINGS, 7 Brands Compared • BO/012  

Today we are gonna cover 7 brands of 6 string baritone strings and some of the differences between them, so that YOU can decide which is right for you.  

This comparison is geared towards aggressive / heavy music players 

It’s very important to understand that this comparison is NOT Scientific. 

All these strings are in Alphabetical order by brand, based on a 28” guitar tuned to G Standard.  

I purchased them all via - I’m not affiliated with them, that’s just where I buy strings.

The site isn’t "sexy", but the selection and prices are great. 

1. Curt Mangan
Baritone Nickel Round Wound
.014 - .068 

2. D’Addario  
Baritone Nickel Round Wound XLs 
.014 - .068 

3. Elixir  
Baritone Nickel Round Wound NanoWeb Coating 
.012 - .068 

4. Ernie Ball  
Baritone Nickel Round Wound Slinkys 
.013 - .072 

5. GHS  
Baritone Nickel Round Wound Wounds 
.014 - .070 

6. La Bella 
Baritone Nickel Round Wound Lights 
.014 - .070 

7. Pyramid  
Baritone Nickel Round Wound 
.014 - .068 

The full track that was used as the clip example at 3min 55sec is "Emission by Foreigns and can be streamed in full below. 


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