Maybe Baritone is NOT FOR YOU • SWTB005

Baritone guitars are rad for tuning low but that doesn't mean that it's the "right" choice for everyone. Maybe a baritone is not for you. I hope that this episode helps you figure out the best course for your music.

Winner of the Chapman ML1Baritone • Cameron Lamothe 
Winner of the SD SH-6B & string pack • Carlos Daniel Llano Jiménez  

Thank you to everyone who entered. I wish I could do more to celebrate the growth of the channel. But for now, this is the best I can offer / afford.  

On this show we talk about stuff we are stuck on technically or creatively in playing and making low tuned, heavy music.  

If you are stoked on low tunings, slow riffs and sick tone - 
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2018 Baritone Roundup 

6 Scale Lengths for Low Tunings 

Chapman ML1 Modern Baritone

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